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Our Mission

IPPA's mission is to serve as one of the leading promoters of social, economic and political freedom; to promote public understanding of the principles of a free and prosperous society such as property right, the rule of law, limited government, free enterprise and tolerant; and to help foster the emergence of a society where reliance on government solutions to all social and economic problem reduces and the human mind is appreciated as the ultimate resource.

Our Goals

  • We are dedicated to empowering people
  • Individual liberty and choice
  • Private property rights protection
  • An economy based on free enterprise
  • Democratic government under the rule of law
  • An autonomous and free civil society
  • Facilitate trade within Africa and beyond

Core Idea

The Initiative for Public Policy Analysis holds tenaciously the belief in free society hinged on certain irreducible minima: that a good and prosperous society is achievable when government's participation in certain key spheres is drastically reduced; that prosperity and happiness are best guaranteed when individuals are able to take beneficial actions freely without being "controlled" by any central body; and that the market order and civil society will be better off under institutions of private property rights, the rule of law, and limited government